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Ultra Thin Condom for male maximum sensitivity

001 003 is the standard for ultra thin condoms now, which firstly used by Japan brands. Nobody likes wearing condoms during the sexual contact. But, condoms are a necessity in today's day and age, these condoms are those that offer the most non-condom feeling. Which lower the feeling and prevent the pleasure too. If you are looking for the closest thing for a bareback experience, then these condoms are the one is for you. Be sure to check our condom size chart for measurements to select the right size sensitive condom for the job correctly. Not sure which ultra-thin condom is right for you?

As a custom condom factory, we offers our clients Best Condom Sampler which has a variety of condoms that will no doubt keep you and your partner busy trying out new things.

Following types are available in our stocks.:

0.05-0.06mm latex condom

0.04-0.05mm latex condom

0.03-0.04mm latex condom

0.02-0.03mm PU condom

0.01-0.02mm polyurethane condoms

Welcome inquiry us if you want has own style ultra thin condoms, you can offer us your idea of the condom, our engineers will work out for you. our email:

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