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There are some ways to reduce the chance of a condom breaking.

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If you find yourself dealing with a broken condom situation, you can throw out the broken condom and try a new one. Before you put on again though you should ensure there isn’t something wrong with your condoms. Are the packages integrated? Are your condoms out of expiration date? Are they exposed to extreme heat or cold? If not, you can continue to a new condom and just watch out for breakage.

Condoms can work very well when you use them correctly. If you’ve had a condom break, here are some pointsto check to make sure it won’t happen again.

Condom Size. When you repeatedly has experiences with condoms breakage, it may mean the condom is too small. This doesn’t always mean a man requires a large condom. A different kind of standard (or medium) size may work. We have small size, middle size and large size condom.

Personal Lube. Using personal lube can make using a condom a lot more pleasure. Pro-tip—apply a small amount of lube to the penis before applying the condom. (If you are using the right size condom, this may not cause the condom to slip.) Use a generous water-based lubricants to the outside.

Packaging. It’s important for you to open the condom package carefully. We know you may be tempted to rip it open or use your teeth to get things going asap, but opening the package the wrong way can tear the condom.

Putting it on.In order to put the condom on correctly, please be sure to pinch the tip while rolling it on. It’s important to leave space for the tip. As a custom condom manufacturer, we have extra larger condom. Email:

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