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Contoured shape with flavours for extra pleasure.

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Our Flavoured condoms are both flavoured and coloured for extra pleasure. Our pack contains a mixture of the flavours Apple, Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, Green Apple and Chocolate. The condoms are made of high quality rubber latex, smooth surface, natural color or as per your requests, reservoir ended and lubricated with non-medicated lubricant. Flavoured condoms with contoured shape comply with ISO 4074. For contraception and helps to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Read instructions inside carefully. For single use only. Flavoured condoms are tested for strength, quality and reliability to meet stringent requirements. All our products are ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified and its products are exported worldwide. Flavoured condoms with contoured shape provide maximum safety, security and sensitivity. We manufacture a premium range of condoms with an unmatched spread of variants, flavours & fragrances best suited for your moods, traits and personality. Email:

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