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What Does Research Say About Polyurethane Condoms?

polyurethane condoms

Overall, studies comparing polyurethane condoms to latex condoms have revealed that, both men and women prefer the polyurethane condoms over latex ones. Research also shows:

1: Men report more discomfort when wearing latex condoms (complaining that they are too tight), yet some men find that polyurethane condoms are too loose. So pls find the correct size before use it is very important.

2: Polyurethane condoms allowed for greater stimulation and less penis constriction. Both men and women felt more sensitivity while using polyurethane condoms.

3: People appear to prefer the odor of polyurethane condoms versus latex condoms and found the lubricant to be less messy. and consumer can use other types lube easily with this material.

4: Polyurethane condoms seem to be harder to unroll than latex condoms, so consumer must be more careful when use it on the erect penis.

Choose the condom available for you is very important, no matter what's the material or shape, only suitable condoms can protect you in best level.

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