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Is it necessary to use a dam or a condom for oral sex?

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If one of you have an infection which can be passed on through sex, you are more at danger from oral without condoms or dams. So if youdoes have an infection then it’s better to use condoms or dams to prevent getting or giving them, or avoid unprotected oral if you are infectious.

Sometimes people know they have an infection but some people don’t know (because often STIs don’t have recognizable symptoms). Sometimes people may have an infection and not tell the other person. For this reason it might be worth you going to a sexual health service and having a chat with a health adviser or someone else who can provide you some one-to-one advice.

Particular STIs that may be transmitted orally might be more common with particular people. For example you used to work in a local clinic where there were loads of cases of an infection in that area which can be passed on orally that is not at all common. This is how STIs work, they affect a bunch of people that are all having sex with each other. This can be where they live, or which kinds of partner they have sex with. So a sexual health center might be able to offer you some advice about whether you should be using condoms or not for oral. These risks are the same for oral sex on the anus, but there are alsorisks of other infections from this.

When you’re considering the risks of sex you should also think about the rewards too. Most things that are worth doing involve taking some risks. With sex we can reduce the risks until they are very low indeed, but there are always some risks of some kind. You need to weigh up the risks of getting an infection from unprotected oral sex with the pleasure of what unprotected oral gives you. So you must use condom and oral dam for each sex time. We have flavored condoms. Email:

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