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What is the meaning of condom electronically tested?

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To make sure the condom quality, electronically tested is the main process of producing condoms. Most of branded condoms undergo a battery of rigorous quality control tests at every point of our manufacturing process to ensure our condoms meet worldwide requirements ISO4074. All our condoms undergo strenuous water and air inflation tests to check for defects. Our condoms are then checked by a patented electronic testing process to check for microscopic holes before they are packing into the foil wrapper. All of this testing make sure you the highest quality product, each and every time.

Some of best brand condoms not only meet, but exceed U.S. Standards for strength and reliability. Complete factory testing, independent laboratory analysis, and standard inspections form a comprehensive quality assurance program designed to ensure maximum protection and product quality. If you want best condom supplier, we are your best choice. Email:

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