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Polyurethane Condoms Are Less Effective than Latex condom

As for the 2 popular material,which one is the better for you? Latex was first used for condoms around 1850 and remains the most common material despite significant disadvantages. An estimated 7 percent of the general population (and up to 25 percent of health care workers) are allergic to latex material. Other disadvantages include short shelf life, vulnerability to failure if used with oil-based lubricants, problems with correct usage, inhibition of sensation, and relatively low conduction of heat compared with other materials. Loose-fitting polyurethane condoms were developed as an alternative for latex-sensitive persons and may be easier to use and provide greater sensitivity than latex material. Steiner and colleagues studied the effectiveness and acceptability of polyurethane condoms compared with latex condoms in a randomized controlled trial.

The authors conclude that polyurethane condoms were not as effective as latex in preventing pregnancy, but that both offered pregnancy protection in the range of other barrier methods of contraception. Persons who find latex condoms unacceptable may prefer polyurethane condoms because of increased sensitivity and a lower rate of local irritation. For persons with latex sensitivity, polyurethane condoms provide a good alternative. Otherwise they'd better choose the latex one, which still ranks better than pu condoms.

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