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weird condoms manufacturer

weird condoms

Condoms are usually made with natural latex, but here we will be showing you some bizarre and most insane condoms ever created! From a Banana themed condom, Bacon condom and even a Pizza or M&M’s Condom! There is no medical reason why someone can't use a condom. Even people with latex allergies can use them, there are latex-free condoms made of polyurethane and polyisoprene, which is new material approved to use for condoms products.

Condoms have been around a long, long time.The earliest known illustration of a man using a condom is a 115,000-year-old painting on the wall of a cave in France. Now along with so long history in condom production, many new types even weird type condom also come into market, offer consumers more choice for their sex life, make their life more happy and funny.

As the manufacturer, we had full experience in the technology of how to produce a new condom, welcome inquiry us, it maybe a successful product by your random idea, we can make it.

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