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U.K. condom-maker Pasante

As an important condom brand in UK, Pasante are a UK-based maker of condoms and other sex-related products, and are currently the largest such company in Britain. Their operations spread well beyond their home shores, though, as they distribute their products to over 60 different countries worldwide. You may not have heard of them before, but it is only a matter of time, as their products, and specifically their condom line, have been well-received the world.

Karex recently bought the Pasante, which supplies the National Health Service, Tesco and Costco; U.S. condom brand ONE, known for its hip, arty packaging and young customer profile; and a U.K. bespoke condom-maker called TheyFit. Its own Carex brand is already a leading mass-market condom brand in the Middle East. "This strategic shift allows the company to capture more of the industry's value chain," says Kenneth Yap, who manages the KAF Asia Equities Fund. The fund holds Karex shares. "If they can sell more condoms at 30 cents rather than 3 cents, their already outstanding net profit margins of 20% can be improved further." Their this cooperation make them better in the market performance than others.

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