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Can I Sue for a Broken Condom?

If you once fail in condom use? You thought you were being safe, and now you are worried about STDs and a pregnancy. If a condom breaks during sex, the last thing from your mind might be a lawsuit.

But assuming the broken condom was an accident and not part of birth control sabotage, you may be able to sue for a broken condom. Here is what that lawsuit may look like and who may be liable: Prophylactic Liability The condoms will likely have a warning or a disclaimer on the consumer package to protect the company against legal action. So be aware that the product may have functioned as advertised, even if it broke during the use. However, if a condom is poorly designed or if it malfunctions, the condom manufacturer could be held responsible under product liability law. Condom manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are safe, and that they function as advertised. Normally it's hard to find the evidence to prove the condom's quality meet problem or the misuse of it. Normally condom's quality is 100% assured, most of the failure caused by the wrong use.

So as a condom company, we suggest read carefully of the instruction before use it, this will make sure the max assurance to protect you.

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