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Pick the Perfect Condom for Penis

If you once face trouble with your bought condoms? Choosing the right condom is like choosing a running shoe: You can go generic, picking blindly off the shelf, and it’ll get you to the finish line just fine. But take the time to consider the right size, and the different features that may fit your stride and environment best, and you will enjoy the race a whole lot more.

“While everyone is told to use condoms, very few are taught how to choose condoms,” says Melissa White, CEO of online condom retailer. That means you should factor in more than just size—so if you don’t know the difference between ribbed, ultra-thin, and her pleasure, read up and find the right rubber for you. Not only size matter, the tastes and color also affect your feeling during your usage. A good and suitable condom will make love more romantic, it worth your attention to make it better.

right size condom

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