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LifeStyles ZERO Condoms recalled

Most Asian consumer prefer to choose thin feeling condoms, but which also high challenge for producer. Lifestyles Zero and Lifestyles Zero Large are no longer available for sale until further notice. All Lifestyles Zero condoms have been recalled. Once more information is available we will let you know. You don't have to sacrifice pleasure for protection with these Zero condoms from LifeStyles. These super-thin condoms come lubricated for your convenience, saving time and preserving the mood. Not only will you and your partner be protected against STDs, but you'll also experience increased sensitivity that will make you feel like you're wearing nothing. With 10 condoms, you'll be prepared for what lies ahead. And the European and American consumer also like it, but their authority always don't allow the thin condom's registration, which also prevent the super thin condom's spread across the market.

As a factory, we suggest condom choose 0.03mm or 0.04mm as the super thin is fine and good at quality control, and no risk of recall, and assurance for consumer's safety usage.

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