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Name: Romeo Classic Condom

Material: Natural Latex imported from Thailand

Thickness: 0.065 mm

Pack: 3pcs/box

MOQ: 10000 boxes


Classic condom is designed to offer consumers a natural feeling without compromising on protection. It is ultra-thin and made with premium quality latex that ensures a snug fit while still providing comfort and security during intercourse. The lubricant used helps for an easy glide that is smooth, enhancing the pleasure of both partners. Classic condoms are odorless and come in all sizes (we have 3 size: 49x170mm, 52x180mm, 55x190mm) for a perfect fit. They provide an effective barrier and protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.


If you are first time use condom, choose the classic is fine!

Romeo Brand Classic Condoms

SKU: 3
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